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Component based Approach using Typescript

At the end of September 2016, I started learning Typescript.Being a Javascript Engineer,I can digest the fact that Javascript will be replaced by superset “Typescript” and finally I moved to Typescript. I used to write javascript and use extensibly some of libraries like jquery and underscore.It have three years journey with Backbone.js with four different… Continue reading Component based Approach using Typescript

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Configure UI Layer on apache2

What is Apache2 ? Apache is the most popular web server on the internet.It is used to serve more than half of all active websites.So lets configure it for our local development. Installing Apache2 or httpd on Ubuntu or Debian Open Terminal and run the following commands $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install… Continue reading Configure UI Layer on apache2

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Parameters to measure the peformance of a web App ( Frontend Applications)

I personally thing that anyone comparing to two front end Applications built with two different stack.Performance of any app depends upon various parameters and most importantly it depends upon the Project Requirement. As far as my experience with building application,I will try to list some of these parameters. a) Quality of the test/benchmark code :… Continue reading Parameters to measure the peformance of a web App ( Frontend Applications)


My Experience with Angular Js

I started working on angular late 2015 and I think I have written my share of Code in Angular Js. In the year 2015, angular and React was popular. Fast.Fast Development and less code base for a larger application become a requirement .performance was also a factor.The last project was in Backbone and Due to… Continue reading My Experience with Angular Js