windows 7 GODMADE

I think my last blog on” Dropbox-Your own cloudspace” was benificial to you to secure your data,photos..etc.

I  am again to share a treak for windows 7 users,which will be very much benificial to all.

I am windows 7 user and i came through a problem that everytime when i have to change settings or change something in my operating system i have to  search for the location and then i have to give my privileges.It was so time taking and mesh also.

So ,I came out with a solution by having a unique folder,where i could find all the control panel items ,adminstrative tools under a roof.All we to have to do is to create a new folder on the desktop by following steps:

->Right click(on the desktop)>>New >>Folder.

Now a new folder is created on your desktop.just name it the following:


You can name it name it as per your choice but it should be followed by the key.You just do it you find it amazing.

As soon as you will press the enter key after typing the above name,the folder will appear just like control-panel.It confirms that you are successful.Now you have a single central console to do everything and anything and right now using it and it is helping me a lot .

So again i will be there with more magical tricks and technical solutions.

keep visiting….

Thank you.

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