How to remove windows activation service pack 1.

on 21st of August ,while i was updating my crashed version of windows 7.as i was not aware of windows service pack ,by mistake updated it .and restarted os as recommended by microsoft.and from then every second when i was connected to internet it was asking me to update my copy.beside these i captured my wallpaper and appears on the screen that”this is a counterfeit copy of windows,

  • i google for the whole day trying hard to remove this activation pack .first of i tried to uninstall it through the control panel .the control panel provides easy uninstallation method.locate the service pack for kb 797932.to uninstall it through select it.we need to confirm our uninstallation and restart the computer .i tried it but  disappeared from control panel but it was still there annoying me..and i remove it from recycle bin also.but then also no use .
  • then i tied regedit option..and anyone can try it the steps are :

1.run regedit

2.find key


 3.search the string OOBE timer

4.double click and change all content with this


5.right click on wpa events(regedit)and choose permissions.

6.check all deny options…and here u have completed.

  1. And then also any one can  uninstall it through command prompt option.

steps are

1.go to START orb ,then all programms>accessories>

then right-click on the command prompt and select run as administer.

2.use the following command to uninstall the sp 1


a confirmation is required be   service pack is uninstalled by windows. 

and then also if anyone finds dif ficulty in uninstall .try to download

REMOVE WAT 2.2.5.RAR from 

any downloading website.rather i would suggest 


and it really works and tested .

i would like to welcome all feedbacks .so please let me know about feedbacks.

you can mail me at nbneeraj8@gmail.com





6 thoughts on “How to remove windows activation service pack 1.

  1. its awesome ,n is very helpful..good that u have learnt a lot 4m your mistake..n make other also aware…..good job n keep the spirit of learning 4m mistakes on,because its not in everyone…advice all to c it.

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